Buying Pets Online Through Pet Classified Ads: Classified Ads Tips
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iPost360 Classified Ad Tips:

Buying Pets Online Through Pet Classified Ads

Fuzzy, Warm and Cute
Very little in life compares to the feeling of bringing home that new pet that you’ve been wanting. After all, what’s cuter than a 6-week old puppy or a newborn kitten? Or, maybe you prefer something that runs towards the more exotic variety, like reptiles, birds or fish?

Whatever pet you desire, the Internet can be an awesome resource as you hunt, scrape and dig to find that perfect (or, purrrrrfect) companion.

Real Life...for Just a Second
Eventually, the emotions need to be set-aside for a moment or two so you can pay attention to the more intimate details of buying a pet through pet classifieds. After all, a high quality animal can get pretty spendy – and unfortunately, there are thousands of consumers who have been duped into buying a pet that was more than they bargained for.

A Great Buy or Too Good to Be True?
In the world of online classified pet sales, buyers can lose a great deal of money when the pet they ordered becomes sick soon after arrival. This is primarily due to “mill breeders” who place animals in factory-style operations, churning out babies to be sold for a quick buck.

According to the Humane Society of the Unites States (, among the many thousands of puppies sold over the Internet each year, approximately 20 percent of reported complaints involved sick puppies. In these cases, people either ordered their puppy over the Internet or dealt with a seller whose classified ad they found on the Internet.

You Mean it Can Get Worse?
How about no pet at all? Unfortunately, classified ad scam artists have crept into the world of online classified pet sales, stealing money from unsuspecting families who think their new puppy or kitten is on the way to their new home, when there really never was an animal at all.

Note: These scams and tactics apply to all animals. Whether they’re puppies, kittens, birds, reptiles or fish, scam artists prey on the buyer’s emotional attachment to their prospective pet.

The Answer?
Always Deal Locally, and...

  • Never buy a pet from anyone whose operation you have not personally visited. A breeder should always be willing to show you their animals in person.
  • Always deal locally.
  • Check references. Reputable breeders should always be willing to provide a reference.
  • Always deal locally.
  • Don’t buy from sellers who specialize in “long-distance” sales.
  • Always deal locally.
  • Use common sense. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Last, did we say “Always deal locally?”


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