Classified Ad Do's and Don't's: The Quick List: Classified Ads Tips
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iPost360 Classified Ad Tips:

Classified Ad Do's and Don't's: The Quick List

Here's the Quick List to a successful classified ad, but make sure you check out our other tips as well.

  • Check your Ad for spelling
    Nothing says you whipped out your classified ad as fast as possible as a plethora of spelling errors. Check, double-check, and triple check your classified ad for errors.
  • Ad Completeness
    Always put a good detailed description of your product or service in your classified ad. Any good writer will remind you of the five "w's" when writing - who, what, when, where, and why!
  • Contact information provides an anonymous method for getting inquiries from your classified ad, but sometimes a phone number may be better. Consider adding your phone number if it's a better alternative. If you'd rather not that's perfectly fine too!
  • Your FREE Ad needs a photo!
    Nothing is better for a classified ad's success than a photo. After all, everyone wants to see what he or she is getting. allows you to place up to 4 photos in your free classified ad.
  • Don't get tricky with your Ad
    People will quickly disregard your ad if you come across as pushy, slick, or if you use “spamming” techniques.
  • Use alternate keywords in your FREE Ad
    As long as it's a legitimate word and not “spam” try adding related words. For instance, if you are selling a car part that will work on Ford and Pontiac cars, add both words to your classified ad's description.
  • Use realistic pricing
    People won't respond if you're overpriced. If you're willing to haggle, let readers know. The term “Best Offer” is a common method used in free classified ads.


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