A Photo Can Make or Break Your Classified Ad: Classified Ads Tips
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A Photo Can Make or Break Your Classified Ad

When is the last time you bought something you didn't see?
You probably didn't - and never should.

There's more than one reason to post your classified ad with a photo. Here are a few of them:

  1. People want to see what they're buying.
  2. People prefer to look at ads that contain pictures while skipping those that don't.
  3. A photo substantiates the text in your ad. If you say it's brand “X” and the picture proves it, the potential buyer will feel more comfortable about the purchase.
  4. Pictures cater to the human factor. People think in pictures, not text. It's only natural to be drawn to a photo rather than copy.

So there you go...just a few good reasons why you should seriously consider adding a photo or two to your classified ad.

Other things to consider
Currently our free ad system supports uploading files saved in “.jpg” format. Fortunately this is the most popular web as well as digital camera format. If your photo has been saved in a different format, there are many software packages that can convert your image to the .jpg format. The most popular of these is Adobe Photoshop.

We make it easy!
At iPost360.com you can place up to 4 photos in your classified ad. For best results, we suggest you upload photos with a resolution of 640 x 480 or better. If you upload a larger file, that's ok...our system will resize your photo to the exact size we need for your ad.


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