How Is Considered Family Friendly?: Help, Rules, FAQ
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iPost360 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How Is Considered Family Friendly?

Keeping Our Classified Ads Family Friendly...

At, we want everyone’s experience to be enjoyable. Unfortunately there are many classified ad topics that can make people feel uneasy. Certain classified ads, such as personals, dating, and adult oriented classified ads tend to generate the most controversy.

In order to keep these controversial classified ads to a minimum, we’ve chosen to not allow the following types of classified ads:

  • Adult oriented and/or sensual classified ads
  • Personals and/or dating classified ads
  • Ads that promote activities deemed illegal in most states.

In addition to these types of classified ads, we also will not tolerate ads that contain violence, hateful overtones, or vulgar and/or profane speech.

We have done our best to implement a flagging system in order to keep these types of classified ads from entering our robust free classified ad system.

Because our free classified ad system is “community-based,” we rely on all our visitors to report any classified ads that are deemed “non-family friendly.”

To flag a posted classified ad, simply look for and select one of the various flags located below each posting (when viewing the detailed classified ad). For these types of offenses, select either the “Offensive” flag or the “Prohibited” flag.

With everyone chipping in to keep our classified ads “in-check” we can have a very friendly and free classified ad system!

View Terms and Conditions for more information.


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