Does iPost360 Post Local Ads or National Ads?: Help, Rules, FAQ
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iPost360 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Does iPost360 Post Local Ads or National Ads?

Local or National? That is the Question!

Fortunately, for both buyers and posters, iPost360 offers free classified ads at both the local and national level. In fact, the unique way that iPost360 allows users to view ads sets us apart from the majority of other classified ad web sites.

Getting Rid of the Local Hurdle
How many times have you been on CraigsList (or a similar free ad web site) when you wanted to search for a particular product across multiple cities or states? If you've ever tried, you probably know first hand how frustrating it can be!

  • At iPost360, when you view or search 'All Ads' , you're automatically presented with postings that are located in all states and/or cities. Then you get to decide if you want to focus in on a particular geographic region.

Stopping Spam
Another unique benefit to this unique method of browsing ads is that it eliminates the need for certain posters to place identical ads in multiple states or cities - we all know how irritating viewing ad spam can be.

The Best of Both Worlds
So, as you can see, we ve put a little extra thought into making iPost360's classified ads just a little more friendly to use. So, go ahead... search away nationally or locally!


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