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iPost360 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Flags and Free Ads - What's It All About?

The two words that best describe flagging ads are: usability and safety .
As the popularity of iPost360.com's free ads continues, it can become a daunting task to make sure that each and every ad meets our unique requirements. After all, if the ads we display become nothing more than a jumbled mess of offensive material, then we've lost sight of our main vision - offering family friendly free classified ads.

What ad flagging is and isn't...

The whole purpose of community-based flagging is to put the power in the hands of iPost360.com users. When an iPost360.com user views our free ads, we want them to feel they are browsing quality ads that the whole family can safely view. Should a user encounter a classified ad that is offensive, contains adult content, or is simply mis-categorized, that user can simply click on the flag icon that best fits the offending nature of the advertisement. Multiple flags on a single ad will result in the ad being removed.

Are ads yanked immediately? Yes and No. While a user's act of flagging an ad will notify a moderator, the ad will not be immediately removed unless one of two things occur. 1) An internal moderator is available and determines that it is necessary to pull the offending ad immediately or 2) Multiple community members have flagged the same ad. A single flag will not remove an ad.

NOTE: Our flagging system has a unique algorithm to determine if flagging is being abused. This system helps to make certain that an unruly individual cannot wreak havoc on our free ad system.

The concept of flagging things on the web is not new. As the internet progresses, new ideas and technologies may come along that we may have an interest in as it pertains to keeping our free ad system friendly for everyone.

Help us out!

Have you seen other methods that have been used for community-based moderation? If so, drop us a note - we like to keep on top of these things!


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