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American Bullmastiff Puppy

Posted by: akrampfi3
Created on: Apr 13 12:09 AM
Expires on: Jun 28 01:28 PM

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City area: Seattle, Washington (USA)


Bullmastiffs are one of those breeds known as gentle giants. Despite their size, these dogs are sweet-natured, calm and willing to please, making them excellent family pets and protectors.

They are very intelligent and learn quickly. Bullmastiffs are not very active dogs and, despite growing to be up to 130 lbs. as adults, and can do well in an apartment as well as a larger space.

They are brave, affectionate, and loyal, the Bullmastiff will always have your back. Calm and low-key, but they do well at lots of different dog sports, like agility, and make great therapy dogs. You'll not find a more sweet-natured family companion.

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