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Stop Going to Aspen Dental

Posted by: jamesben585
Created on: Mar 14 09:32 AM
Expires on: Apr 28 09:34 AM

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City area: Atlanta, Georgia (USA)


To the poor, disabled, children, seniors and any other vulnerable people,


Boycott Aspen Dental is calling for a boycott at ALL Aspen Dental locations in the following states:

Oregon, Texas, Louisiana, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Kansas, Vermont, and Georgia.

For a complete list of each Aspen Dental location please visit: http://boycottaspendental.com/aspen-dental-locations.html

Aspen Dental knows vulnerable people do not have a voice. We here at Boycott Aspen Dental ARE YOUR VOICE. We are warning you that if you are in a category that is vulnerable (children, seniors, people of color, disabled children and adults; yes especially the poor), PLEASE stop going to Aspen Dental.

They have devils in control, and their pictures including Richard Parr can be found at http://boycottaspendental.com/richard-parr-and-the-gang.html

Join Boycott Aspen Dental today! STOP giving the devils your money! Aspen Dental does NOT care about the HARM they inflict on you. They will hurt you and discard you like trash when they are done causing harm to your mouth. PLEASE believe us because they did this to our founder who is disabled. WE ARE TELLING THE TRUTH. PLEASE STOP going to Aspen Dental! You will be SO glad you believed us! To those who already went and now you are dealing with your pain, Please call (646) 653-1747 and tell us your story! We WANT to hear from you!

Stay Safe; Stay AWAY from Aspen Dental!

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