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Premium Business Plans From Only $368.

Posted by: danmilos301
Created on: Mar 03 09:32 AM
Expires on: Jun 01 09:33 AM

Price: $368.00

City area: Dallas, Texas (USA)



Custom tailor made plan - Unlike other business plan writers, we never use templates. Every document is designed to meet your unique business and your unique objectives.
Most so-called business plan experts use a template and slap your name on a used document. You might as well throw your money away.

3 or 5 years Financial Forecasting - Our background in financial analysis qualifies us to build your financial projections.
Our team has degrees in accounting and one has served as Treasurer for public Corp. (traded on NASDAQ).
Our Business Plans have funded millions in private equity and institutional loans.
You are in business to make money, so this component is the most important to you and to any potential investors!

Research and demographics - We subscribe to industry data resources that lets us know what your competition is doing.
Banks and the SBA compare your data to this, so if your market analysis is off-base, the loan is rejected.

Narrative content - Nobody likes to read long and boring business documents.
The team's writing style is concise and straight to the point, keeping your audience engaged and your business objectives at the forefront.

Formatting and design - 99% of business plans completely disregard this important step.
Through smartly-designed titles, subtitles, use of fonts, tables, graphs, charts, pictures and other document design processes, our plans tell your story.

Our Website is beginner friendly and easy to use.
We walk you through the hole process and insure there will be no complications when working with us.
Visit ( http://www.worldwidebusinessplans.com )

A complete business plan will include

Executive Summary (Objective, Opportunity, Solution, Growth, Key Factors)
Company Summary
Products Services
Market Analysis Summary (Industrial Analysis, Market Needs, Trends and Challenges, Target Market Description)
Competitive Analysis
Strategy and Implementation Summary (Competitive Edge)
Marketing Plan (4 P's)
SWOT Analysis
Important Charts and Graphs

A Complete Financial plan will include:

Start-up Summary
Projected Profit and Loss
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow
Break-even Analysis
Graphs and Tables

Visit: https://www.worldwidebusinessplans.com

Email: ryan@worldwidebusinessplans.com


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